Sac City Tech General Terms & Conditions
Updated 6/8/2020

This document describes the Terms and Conditions for working with, and purchase, of all products and services from Sac City Tech unless otherwise specified in special agreements made between Sac City Tech and the client. These terms apply and will be posted online and made available to all clients. Questions or concerns should be directed to

  1. All payments for services and products are required in advance of starting any work. For amounts above $1000, a $1000 payment or 50% of the total cost, whichever is greater is required. The remaining amount to be listed in the customer agreement is due and required at completion of the work and before project is turned over to the client.
  2. Generally, there is a No Refund Policy on all services and products due to time and costs involved in creating our products per client requirements as well as policies of our vendors and suppliers. The exception will be if Sac City Tech fails to perform and is unable to deliver the agreed upon product. In this case, only the Sac City Tech fees would be refunded. Refunds for vendor costs is decided by the vendor policies and the client will need to work with vendor directly.
  3. Time to completion will be spelled out in each client agreement for work, but may be between 5-7 days for some projects and much longer for others. Client agrees to be available via phone and email on a daily basis if needed to answer questions, provide any needed information, materials, etc., and to give feedback about project state and progress. For delays caused by client unavailability or lack of provided needed information, the completion date will be pushed the number of days of delay. If holidays, weekends, etc. are involved in the delays, that time will also be added to the completion time. Sac City Tech may adjust the completion date due unforeseen delays due to complexity, supplier/vendor/service provider delays or other issues outside of Sac City Tech control.
  4. Sac City Tech reserves the right to use completed products and services as examples in our portfolio unless specifically denied in the client agreement.
  5. Client understands and agrees that products and services will be built and setup to the documented and agreed upon client requirements. With the exception of minor changes to correct things such as typing errors, omissions, etc., changes during or after the completion of the project may incur additional fees to be determined on a case by case basis determined by the complexity of the changes requested. If changes are agreed up on and accepted, client understands and agrees that the project completion date may be pushed out.
  6. The client or Sac City Tech may terminate the agreement for any reason with 30 days written notice. If cancelled by client, after work has been started, time and expenses up to the point of cancellation will not be refunded. If Sac City Tech fails to perform to the client agreed upon requirements, or Sac City Tech determines that it can’t provide the required product or services, Sac City Tech may at it’s discretion refund up to the entire amount collected (excluding vendor and service provider costs or any consulting time required for the job) to that point and render the agreement null and can be cancelled.
  7. Client agrees to provide as needed, any proof of ownership or copyrights to any logos or other materials provide to create and produce any products and/or services listed in the client agreement. Client will be held fully responsible for all protected works provided to complete the agreed up project while holding Sac City Tech completely harmless of any violations.
  8. Website clients understand that once a website has been completed and turned over to the client, Sac City Tech is not responsible for outages, website problems, etc. caused by hosting company issues, client changes, failure to keep software updated and current. Client also understands that they are responsible for continued payment of hosting and domain accounts to keep the website active. Under no circumstances will Sac City Tech be liable for any losses or issues resulting from service provider problems.
  9. Sac City Tech agrees to keep all aspects of projects confidential and private between client and Sac City Tech as requested by client during project work. If Nondisclosure agreements are needed, client must request in advance of starting any project.
  10. Sac City Tech reserves the right to update these terms at any time without notice with the exception of current projects already under contract. Current Terms will always be provided on the website and with all client agreements.
  11. Client agrees to hold Sac City Tech, it’s owners, partners and affiliates harmless of damages of any kind such as, but not limited to, loss of income, time, productivity, sales, profits, failure to achieve desired business results, etc., as a result of using provided products and services.
  12. By purchasing services and products from Sac City Tech, the client is indicating agreement of these terms as well as any specific terms altered or updated in the client agreement and approved by both parties. Client understands that Sac City Tech is not responsible for anything not spelled out in the agreement. Payments made in electronic form, credit card or check indicate agreement to these terms and any signed written agreements. Payments made by cash will require a signed agreement invoice. To avoid confusion, all clients may be required to sign and return a paper or scanned work agreement before work is started on any project.
  13. Client agrees that after a website or other products and other services have been completed and are ready for turnover, non communication or other delays do not delay payment requirement. If any remaining balance is not paid, the products and services will not be turned over and services will be disabled until such time that final payment has been made. If delays exceed 90 days, Sac City Tech reserves the right to turn the account over to a collection agency.
  14. Client understands that all completed projects where final payment has been made will be considered complete as soon as the project is turned over to the client. In situations such as websites where training or other final activities may be provided, these activities must be completed within 30 days of turnover or forfeited.
  15. Terms specific to various products & services also apply in addition to these general terms and do not detract from these general terms unless specifically called out in a separate written agreement.See our Video Products & Services Terms Here