Sac City Tech Interactive Video Hosting $29/Month
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Your videos are stored/hosted/run and streamed from a large data center with multiple servers to insure high quality experience for your viewers.


  • Your video is streamed for great performance.
  • No large files to store, upload or download for distribution.
  • No ads before, during or after your video.
  • No related videos to distract your viewers.
  • On-line video player provided by a link that can be posted on social media, sent via email, etc.
  • Embed code available to add to your website plays the video within your website pages or blog.
  • Clickable buttons and links to your website, contact form, social media, etc. can be included in any video we produce for you as well as videos you decide to host with us.
  • Updates for your contact information and links in your video is included in your video hosting subscription and the links don’t change which means updates are reflected in any website pages, blogs or links that have been sent out or created initially.
  • Any video you provide can be hosted and made interactive.
  • Videos work in most browsers on computers and mobile devices that are capable of playing video.

Please Contact Us when you are ready to have a video hosted

* Videos creation is not included in monthly the hosting cost. Videos created by Sac City Tech must be purchased before hosting. Client provided videos must be in a standard format, preferably MP4, or a format that can be easily converted to MP4. Video quality of client provided videos will be dependent on the quality of the file provided to Sac City Tech. Sac City Tech does not do video editing, processing or cleanup on client provided videos so it’s important to provide a video that has been prepared to be displayed to viewers. Please understand that monthly video hosting is a subscription. If the subscription is cancelled, your video will be unavailable until such time the subscription has been reestablished. There may be late and/or reconnection fees.

If you have already contacted us and are ready to start your video hosting subscription, you may fill out the following form to make payment. You may be contacted if we need additional information or your video files.