Welcome to our Software Section

All software on this page has been created
Sac City Tech!

Our current goal for our software is to create easy to use tools for you that will supplement your current marketing efforts.

To add value and ease of use, all of our software is now Multiplatform (Windows, MacOS and Linux) and completely usable from a USB Stick! It also comes already setup so there is no configuration necessary. You simply copy it to the USB Stick or folder on your computer and run the startup file that corresponds to your Operating System.

Announcing Our Multi-Platform AddressBook and Office Assistant which can be used like a Mini CRM and and more!

For more info and to view our on-line Flyer and/or request a Free 14 Day Trial Click Here!

You may also want to check out our “Just For Fun Free Stuff” software section where the software is free to use without restrictions or strings attached, this section is different.

While some software in this section may appear similar to the free stuff, all software in this section will have features not in the free versions. This software will have a reasonable cost, and may be branded to your business without any mention of Sac City Tech. Currently, our goal is not to provide custom software development services, but to provide a selection of applications that can be branded to your specific business. This helps your business contact information stay in front of your clients and prospects as they use useful software that you have provided to them at no cost. We are still working out pricing, but think of pricing similar to high quality business cards. The only difference is, you can give out as many copies as you like with no additional cost!

We would love to hear suggestions and thoughts to help us understand what will be most valuable to you, your business and your clients.

Below you will find video’s demonstrating some our software available. We may offer free 14 Day trials when there is a serious interest.

BMI Calculator Demo Video










Mortgage Calculator – Branded to Company or Agent