Video Products and Services Terms

Updated 6/8/2020

The following terms pertain to all video products and services provided and sold by Sac City Tech. When you the client purchases any of these video products or services you are agreeing to the following terms in addition to our general Terms.

  1. You agree to hold Sac City Tech it’s owners, partners, affiliates and service providers harmless of any and all damages including but not limited to loss of data, time, sales, profits, damage to equipment, etc. due to the use of these video products and services. You are agreeing to take full responsibility and accept any and an all risks of using these products and services.
  2. You understand that there is no guarantee of sales, performance or other benefits from the use of the products.
  3. You agree, unless otherwise agreed upon in writing, to provide a script of the topic for your video and any logos, music, images or other resources and files you would like in your video.
  4. You agree that all content for your video is of a legal nature. Sac City Tech reserves the right at it’s sole discretion to refuse the creation of any video that it finds of an illegal, inflammatory, hateful or otherwise questionable nature. In this case, work will not be started and a full refund will be issued if payment has already been made.
  5. You understand that Sac City Tech may decline the creation of a video at it’s sole discretion due to current workload or any other intenral reasons that would prevent us from providing a great client experience.
  6. You agree that you own or have permission to use all content you provide to Sac City Tech to create your video. Further, you agree to accept full responsibility, financial or otherwise, for any copyright violations including any financial impact such as legal fees, loss of time and money to Sac City Tech due to these violations.
  7. You agree to make full payment for all video products in advance of working being started.
  8. You understand that there may be a 24 Hour delay before work is started. During this waiting period, a refund may be requested. After work has been started, there will be no refunds granted due to the time and resources involved in preparation and creation of your video.
  9. You understand and agree that every delay of providing the necessary information to Sac City Tech to use in the creation and completion of your video may delay the completion date by an equal or greater amount of time.
  10. You understand that excessive delays in providing information may cause you to loose your place in our workflow and put you behind other client projects.
  11. For Interactive videos, you understand and agree that no video files are provided for download. Interactive videos must be hosted to work so there are no downloads provided as they will not work without the hosting. A link and/or code to embed in your website is provided to share your video. The hosted videos require a monthly fee agreed to when you make your purchase. If the monthly subscription is not paid and/or renewed or if it is cancelled, the interactive video will be suspended until such time as the payment is made. There will be no credit or additional time added to the interactive video subscription where loss of access is due to nonpayment or late payments.
  12. Sac City Tech reserves the right to update and change these terms at anytime without notice. So please check here just before making your purchase if you haven’t done so already.