Making sure your business look professional on-line

Domain Names

Do you have an email account in a domain owned by your business, or parent company if you are an agent or representative? You know, something like:

If you are using an email provider such as one of the many free or subscription services with an email address in a different, unrelated domain than your business, you are sending a subtle message to everyone you communicate with over email that you aren’t focused on looking like the professional that you are. Think about it, would you expect to get a message from bill.gates@FreeEmail.Com? Of course not, you would expect something like 

Here’s the thing, you can fix this problem very easily even if you don’t have a current website or domain name. And you can do it for about $15 / Year! If you already have a website and domain, it won’t cost you anything extra because you already have everything you need to get your new email setup in your domain!

Here’s what to do if you don’t have a domain now:

  1. Choose and purchase a domain name from The prices vary depending on which top level domain (i.e. .net, .org, .com, etc.). For most businesses, you want a .com.
  2. Mydomain has free tools that you can use to forward your new email address to any other email address. This will let you still use your free or subscription email account while using an email such as
  3. You’ll probably want to configure your free email account to send as your name new domain email account.

By having your own domain, you are one step closer to having your own website. If you need help setting this up, you should be able to find everything you need with some google searches. If you aren’t comfortable doing this yourself, Contact Us and let us help.