Veterans Benefits Program

Thank You United States Veterans

As owner of Sac City Tech and a veteran myself, I appreciate your sacrifices and dedication to our country. As a thank you, Sac City Tech currently offers some additional extra features for you on most of the services you purchase with verified proof of service. The extras will be listed in your client proposal or sent to you via email when you make your purchase. Please check back often as benefits may change and/or be added. 

I’d like to mention organizations on this page designed to help veterans. **

Allegiant Giving is an incredible organization dedicated to serving veterans in many ways. If you are a veteran or know one, please check out their website at the link above.

The Rosie Network is dedicated to helping train veterans and their spouses to run their own business with programs such as Service2CEO. As a graduate of their program myself, I can say they are definitely worth checking out.

Another organization that is focused on veterans is America’s Homeless Veterans. Some veterans struggle with various problems and end up homeless, which is where AHV comes in. Check them out if you or a veteran you know may need their help.

Please note that the above organizations are non-profits and can always use help both financially, volunteerism, etc. If you would like to help, please contact them directly to find out more.

** Sac City Tech, it’s owner and associates are in no way affiliated with these veteran organizations and shall be held harmless of any and all issues that may arise as a result of using them. Any problems with said organizations need to be addressed directly with the organization(s) in question. You take full responsibility for the results of using these organizations.