What if my website is down?

If your website was running the last time any changes or updates were made, it is likely not an issue with your website code. There could be a number of reasons that you are unable to access the site that are outside of our control. Before sending a message for support, please insure that you have done the following:

1) Try accessing the site from different computers, browsers and a smart phone or mobile device using a Cellular Network if possible. If any of these work, your website and hosting account are most likely fine, and is not down. This may indicate other issues.

2) If possible, have a friend try accessing your site or go to someplace that has free Wi-Fi and try again.

Some things to keep in mind:

  • There are many servers and systems on the Internet that website visitors pass through to get to your site. Some paths may be down at any given time causing issues for some viewers and not others that are likely going down a different path.
  • Your ISP (Internet Service Provider) could be having issues.
  • Your office or home router, computer or devices could be having issues.

You may need to contact your hosting company if none of the above has helped to isolate the problem if it looks like a hosting issue. We can assist with this at a reasonable hourly rate, however your hosting company may be fully responsible for correcting the issue and the length of the downtime. With suspected hosting issues, we encourage our clients to contact their hosting company support first as they will know if they are having issues.

We are happy to help resolve issues for our website clients, but please insure you have looked at the above and have done any testing that you can before contacting us for support. 

Use our Contact Us form to submit a request for assistance.