Sac City Tech Technical Forum

Welcome to our Forum!

 * * * Forum is offline until further notice * * *
This is due to non-use and spammers


If you are wondering why we have created a forum, there are a number of reasons, here’s just a few.

  • We own it, so no third party controlling it, pushing unwanted ads, etc.
  • Available to everyone! Not everyone has or wants a social media account. Anyone with a browser can access our forum.
  • Forums have been around for many years and work very well for allowing not only the posting of valuable information, but interaction between members.
  • Unlike Blogs or other Social Media Platforms, the information is more organized.
  • Forums are searchable

With all that said, our forum is meant to be a place to share tech tips, provide support, ask questions and more. There are no fees, gimmicks or any other type of catch. Just a simple and fun way to provide helpful information. Please feel to visit often, ask your questions, provide technical tips for others and spread the word. The forum is meant to be a SPAM free zone, so please don’t advertise as all SPAM will be deleted. One last thing. You will be able to read messages with no account, but you must create a login to post messages are reply.

Have fun! And see you on the inside.