Tips on Software Installation and Use On the Supported Operating Systems


Apple has implemented precautions in their recent MacOS releases that checks to see if software you are trying install and run has been cleared by them as safe. While there is a lot of software out that is perfectly safe, warnings can occur if they haven’t been through Apple’s process. You can still install and run software ignoring these warnings by going to the in System Preferences > Security & Privacy, under the General tab. Click Open Anyway to confirm your intent to open or install the app. Once that has been done, you won’t receive warnings on future attempts to use that software. All of our MacOS Software has either already gone through this process or will shortly which will prevent warnings about Malware.

Our MacOS Software is stored Zip Files that have been checked by Apple. Simply copy the zip file after download to the folder or location of your choice, double click on it and the Mac will install the App in that location. Then just double click on the Icon for the App and enjoy!


Our Windows Applications is contained in a typical Windows Installer in the form of a .EXE file. This file is contained in a ZIP file for download. Extract the installer (name.exe) from the Zip file and run it. Follow the instructions and make your choices for install and click to add a Desktop Icon when asked to make it easier to find and launch the app.


Our Linux Apps have only been tested on Linux Mint 20.2 64 Bit version. The app with resource files and libraries will be in a Zip File that can be installed in the location of your choice. Since there are many versions of Linux, it’s not feasible to install and test on them all or document for each version. 

For All Of Our Versions

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