Client Payments

Here you will find Payment Button’s for various products and services. If you are not sure what you are paying for or have not consulted with us first, please do not use these buttons as they are intended for current business transactions in process between Sac City Tech and our Clients.

To make 12 equal payments for our Starter Website, you will be billed $52/month for 12 Months for a total of $624. You can save $25 paying just $599 if you pay the amount in full instead of subscribing. Work will begin on your website after the first payment has been made and the site will be active within the timeframe discussed in your website agreement.

Please Note, the once you have subscribed, the $599 offer is void. Also understand that canceling your subscription before the final payment has been made will require the remaining months to be paid in full within 10 days. Failure to pay the balance may cause interruption to your website service. Full details and terms will be in the website agreement that you signed before being directed to the page for payment.

Making payment using the subscribe button indicates your agreement to these terms and those spelled out in the user agreement. You will have a chance to cancel your transaction after the subscribe button has been pressed and before payment has been made.

If you have any questions or concerns, PLEASE Contact Us!