Interactive Video Information And Pricing

What is Interactive Video?

Unlike typical videos, Interactive Videos are designed to give your viewers the option to choose what they want to see next. This is done either by answering questions or clicking on a button or icon that identifies their choice.

So why Interactive Video and why it’s important to you?

Play the video below to see a real live example a video we did for a Real Estate Agent!


Advantages / Features

  • Allow popup messages during or after video completes
  • Collect Viewer Email by sending the viewer to the contact form on your website.
  • Videos are completely hosted! What this means to you is that there are no bulky files to download, upload or store. And when a viewer goes to the special link you provide, they are shown the video in a special viewer that won’t have distractions, commercials, etc. found with other video hosting options or Social Media pages.
  • Videos are accessible by a unique provided link or code that can be embedded in your website.
  • We can put your videos, images and information in your interactive video and design a flow that meets your requirements. Or we can build the video content and the interactive video.


Starting at $475 – Covers about 1 to 3 minutes of total whiteboard/animated video with background music and designed based on the script you provide with the message you want to send to your viewers.

If you have questions, please  Contact Us

To Purchase Your Interactive Video now, fill out the form below, review and accept the terms and make your payment. When your video is complete, you will receive a link and embed code for the video as well as a link to activate your free 30 days of hosting and startup your subscription.