Monthly Website Care Plan Agreement & Terms

These terms do not supersede any terms agreed to with the purchase and acceptance of your website from Sac City Tech. Monthly support may not be available for sites not built by Sac City Tech. These terms are subject to change at anytime without notice however clients with existing support agreements will be notified of changes and given a grace period before changes take effect that would affect pricing or covered service.

Included in this support agreement

• Monthly Website Backup with the backup file made available for client download
• Monthly WordPress security updates, fixes and patches to keep things going smoothly
• Restoration of your website to it’s most current backup should it crash, get lost or be corrupted.
• A reasonable amount of content updates (images, text, videos to be provided in a copy ready format by the client. This means it’s already been checked for content, spelling errors, etc. and it’s ready to post) not to exceed once per week or generate over two hours of additional work per month. Client is responsible to provide all requested changes for the week in a single email with any images or documents included. In other words, changes for 1 week may not be spread over several emails. All content updates must be submitted as early as possible with no less than 48 hours advance notice which allows us time to prepare for and schedule the content update.

Exclusions and what’s not covered

• Sac City Tech is not responsible for damages caused by the following but not limited to website owner or those they may allow to work on the site, hackers, service provider issues, website plugin and component failures, etc. This support agreement does not cover the cost of such issues, only a restore to the most recent backup is covered once the issues have been corrected.
• This agreement does not include website redesign, template changes or other major changes to the site.
• Client is responsible for any additional costs that could be incurred in the support of this site should unexpected problems occur.
• There is no prorations of costs to start late or end early. And no rollover of available services to the next month. Each month starts fresh with what’s described above.

Unless otherwise agreed upon in writing with your support agreement, support agreements are month to month and may be canceled at anytime by either party for any reason with 15 days notice. Monthly Cost is $60 via Auto-billed Subscription with the payment due every 30 days starting with the initial support start date. No refunds are issued and subscription cancellations must be completed before the start of the next 30 day period. If you cancel your subscription payment without proper advanced notification as listed above, your service for that month ends at the time of the cancellation without refund.

Fees & Additional Services

Any work which is not specified in the agreement description can be considered an additional service and will require a separate agreement and payment from what is included in this support agreement will be billed at the rate of $65 / Hour or project cost depending on the project.


The client agrees to hold Sac City Tech, it’s owners, partners, affiliates and service providers harmless from any and all damages including, but not limited to loss of wages, income, data, time, damaged equipment, files, etc.

Sac City Tech is not responsible for delays in content updates that are not provided in a timely manner or as described above.

I agree to the terms of this agreement. Payment via PayPal indicates acceptance of this agreement. However, a signed copy will be requested and required by mail or in person at the earliest possible convenience.