Technical Support


Tech Support is Exclusively for our clients on the products and services that we sell.

If you have purchased any of the following and are having issues, please contact us for assistance. 

  • Websites (Sites built by Sac City Tech) *
  • Limited Hosting Support ** 
  • Interactive Videos ***

The best way to get support is to send us a Support Request. This helps us collect some needed information as well as to track your issue to insure we can resolve it.

* Please note that per our website client agreements, after a website has been delivered and accepted by the client, there is typically 30 day free support window for websites having issues due to the website code provided by Sac City Tech. This is void if any changes have been to the website by or for the client outside of Sac City Tech. Client will be billed for repairing website code not covered by free support or one of our support plans, and may use the most recent working backup to restore the website to functioning status.

** Since we do not host websites, we have limited control and access to your hosting account other than initially configuring and setting up your website. Most technical issues with the website hosting will need to be addressed by the technical support options provided by the hosting company. If you need help understanding and working with the hosting company, we can help but we may need to bill for our time. Response and repair time from hosting companies may vary quite a bit. Sac City Tech hours are M-F, 8-5 can can help based on our availability. There is no 24×7 support options from Sac City Tech at this time, so we encourage our clients to work directly with their hosting company for quicker and most likely no cost support.

*** Sac City Tech will provide support to insure your interactive videos are functioning as designed and at the state accepted by the client. If there are technical issues with these videos, Sac City Tech will work to resolve these issues as soon as possible at not additional charge to the clients. All other changes and support will be as covered in the purchase agreement.