Every Small Business must decide where to best spend their money. Marketing expenses and efforts can be risky, however if a business doesn’t spread the word about their business, then customers and clients don’t know the business is out there. We will be scanning the web looking for budget friendly marketing ideas and information to help the small business. If you find valuable information that you feel would be valuable to others, please Contact Us with a link and we’ll review it and possibly post it here.

The goal here is to provide marketing information from various sources to help our clients and prospective clients decide how they want to to proceed. The small business, especially startups can be hard pressed to find money for extensive marketing efforts. It is our firm belief that the best way to market your small business is to make sure people know about your business by getting out and talking to people. Face to Face Networking. Meet people, get to know them and build trust. They may not need your services or products, but they likely know people that do. All of this can lead to word of mouth advertising which has always been one of the most powerful ways to advertise and is essentially free!

SEO is always topic for debate for many reasons. It can be a very expensive effort if you hire someone to do it right. There’s a ton of companies that claim to guarantee they’ll get you on the first page of Google. Just using some common sense reasoning, we feel this is a big stretch. Take the paid ads on Google out of the equation and millions upon millions of sites on the internet, how can they honestly guarantee that? Even if you focus on a single town or location, if there are many competitors in that town with everything else being equal and the same SEO expert was doing SEO for all of them, there’s no way all would be on the first page. We have posed this question to a number of local SEO experts and the answer is always, “I won’t take on a business like that.” or “I’m the best but I’ll only take on 1 of each type of business if it’s saturated in the area”. This type of answer speaks volumes to what SEO can really do to get a business on the first page. There is fierce competition for the first page so even if an SEO expert business gets a business there, it isn’t a guarantee it will stay there. It’s also a very expensive process that can take over a year to really start working. All this said, SEO should not be overlooked, but for a small business it’s likely not going to be the “Golden Egg”. The plan for a small businesses making decisions about SEO and all forms of marketing is to do the research, determine what makes the most sense for the business based on price and projected effectiveness while realizing that Marketing is always an expense with no guarantees!

After reading the above and looking at the links that follow, please don’t kill the messenger, we simply want to inform our clients presenting different perspectives and options. The untimely, you must decide what is right for you, your business and most importantly, your advertising budget.